Speedpainting is a fun game of fast figure painting, participants must demonstrate their creativity and painting skills. In the elimination round, you have to paint a figurine in 30 minutes and get recognition from the High Jury . You come and get a figurine, a paint brush and a wet palette on the spot.


Preliminaries (max 60 participants) – participant has 30 minutes to paint a figurine. There are 10 participants in a round. The participant draws 3 paints, after 5 minutes, passes the received paints, to the person on the right, himself receives new 3 paints from the participant on the left. After 35 minutes, the judges evaluate the works. From each elimination round, 3 participants enter the semi-finals.

Semi-finals (max 18 participants) – 40 minutes to paint. Participants draw 4 paints each. Other rules as above.

Finals(max 6 participants)
50 minutes. Participants draw 5 paints each. Other rules as above.

Judges choose the 3 best works from the finalists.

Registration for Speedpainting at the reception of entry cards, the order of registration is decided.

Registration is accepted in rounds:

20 places – registration from 9 am – 10 am

20 places – registration from 11 am – 12 pm

20 places – registration from 1 pm to 2 pm