List of competition categories:

  1. Single miniature up to 54mm – models smaller than 54mm excluding models of dragons, trolls, giants, larger machines or monsters (e.g. Dreadnought or Wright Lord, Demon Prince, etc.). Figure size does not include the height of the base, it is about the height of the figure itself.
  2. Single miniature from 54mm – the size of the figurine does not include the height of the base, it is about the height of the figurine itself.
  3. Historical miniatures and busts – historical models in different scales. These can be busts as well as single models depicting historical figures.
  4. Busts – all SF, Fantasy and modern busts.
  5. Squad – a group of figures up to a maximum of 9 pieces, for example: gangs from KillTeam, Underworlds, BloodBowl, Zombicide, Marvell United, Infinity, Aristea or just a set of figures that look nice together. The figurines must be so firmly attached to the stand that they can be safely carried and judged by the judges.
  6. Diorama – in this category we place great importance on story, composition as well as character interaction throughout the scene.
  7. Sculpture (SCULPT) – bust, full figure, scene (whole silhouettes). Scale does not matter. Traditional sculptures as well as 3D (digital sculpture) are eligible for this category. The mandatory condition for submitting a work in this category is that the work is made independently by the author or the team submitting the project. The work must be physically exhibited sculpture/ 3D print. Judges have the right in this category to ask for documentation authenticating authorship. Works in this category can only be submitted at the master level.
  8. XXL – all types of vehicles and machines regardless of historical realities and all kinds of monsters in a larger scale and size,
  9. Junior – all works from the above categories submitted by participants up to the age of 13 are automatically eligible for this category.
  10. Gaming (without division into Standard and Master levels) – Regiment / Army – category for figures painted for use in battle games, regardless of the universe (sci-fi / fantasy / historical). All scales actually used in games are allowed. Submitted works do not have to meet the requirements of a particular game (they do not have to have “legal spreads”) or even be assigned to a specific title. (13) Entries will be accepted in two subcategories:
    (a) “Regiment” – a squad that is a self-contained element of a battle game, with a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 48 models. Examples: a squad of Space Marianas, one troop of cavalry for Hail Caesar, a squad for Bolt Action, a regiment from Fire and Sword, one coaster from BW: Lee. This can also be a stand-alone “army” for single figure (skirmish) games, provided it is within a certain numerical framework (e.g., a large squad for BloodBowl, a band for Frostgrave, etc.).
    b) “Army”: a minimum of 3 troops (the size is arbitrary, dictated by the system for which the army is made) – can include different models, e.g. a fantasy army with infantry, cavalry, a dragon and a troop of trolls, or an army for Flames of War with infantry, artillery, tanks and motorcycles.
  11. Pimp My Miniature Box – (PMB) – figure carriers (crates, boxes, etc.), any system for carrying figures can be submitted. (14) The jury evaluates such elements as sticker composition, conversion / construction, color scheme / pimp factor