The special guest of Kontrast 2024 will be Josan Gonzalez, aka Deathburger.

Deathburger is an illustrator based in Barcelona. His work is known for its cyberpunk motifs, extremely detailed line art and unique color choices, following in the tradition of Ligne Claire and European science fiction comics of the
80s. His style reflects a variety of influences and interests, from metal music to anime and horror films of the 1990s. Deathburger studied art at the University of Barcelona. He never finished his studies, and learned most of his craft from the "Grand Masters," the Internet and a desire to seek knowledge. Deathburger is also the creator of The Future is Now, an original IP depicting a near future dominated by technology and corporate greed and populated by strange characters. This universe is collected in a series of self-published narrative art books, posters and other visual materials. In addition to his personal work and publishing activities, Deathburger has worked for various clients such as Riot Games, Wizards of the Coast, Metallica, Wired Magazine, CDProjekt Red, Pearl Jam and others.

Special guest Kontrast 2024 was invited to collaborate with the festival thanks to the involvement of NEKO GALAXY.