Presentations in the Gaming Zone

OnePageRules is a simple, cheap and fast fantasy and sci-fi system. The main rules are free, we've translated them into Polish and they fit on one (!) sheet of A4 paper. You can play with any models (including those from board games), and a game lasts about half an hour. Want to try battle games, but are discouraged by the cost and complexity? Join us for an introductory party, where we will teach you how to play.

Already have fantasy or sci-fi figures, but big systems scare you with complexity and rule changes? Also welcome! We will tell you what army you can play with your models.

What sets OnePageRules apart? Alternate activation, balance and stable, free and simple rules.

The demonstration will be hosted by a team of fans of the system from the OnePageRules Poland group and server.

Kings of War is a game of combat between powerful armies in a fantastic world torn apart by epic conflicts and legendary battles. The fast pace and competitive rules make the game ideal for large-scale clashes between hundreds of soldiers. Players build their units to fit within a specific area commonly known as the Tray, rather than based on individual bases. By using this solution called Multibasing, each unit becomes a kind of diorama. In Kings of War, a unit has a Morale value that represents the amount of wounds. This means that when a unit's Morale is exceeded, the entire unit is removed from the game. Not only is this fantastic for gameplay, but it also means you'll always have a great-looking, complete army on the table. Choose your armies and match them with any figures you want! Use your tactical talents to defeat your opponents! Become the Kings of War!