Presentations, workshops, panel discussions

Friday, May 31, 2024

18.00 - Presentation by Daniel Fernandez-Truchaud "How I carved a figure for Kontrast 2024" - first floor - room Szekspir

19.00 - panel discussion "Storytelling - the future of figure painting?"

              Panelists: Katarzyna KAHA Gorska, Tue Kaee, Krzysztof Kobalczyk

Saturday, June 1, 2024

12.30 - How to paint cool backgrounds for figures - presentation by Anna Machowska -
first floor, room Szekspir

13.30 - Space Marin's Eavy Metal armor - presentation by Mamikon
Khatchikian - first floor, room Szekspir

11.00 - 16.00 - Speedpainting preliminaries - floor 1 - Nikifor room

15.00 - 16.00 - presentation by Luca Vergerio "Storytelling - image and figure" first floor, room Szekspir 

16.30 - Painting workshop with Mamikon Khatchikianian - 2nd floor, Mrożek room

18.30 - Presentation Filip Królikowski "Unknown risks of figure painting - physiotherapeutic aspect " - first floor, Room Szekspir

19.00 - Panel discussion with special guest Josan Gonzalez - first floor - room Szekspir

Sunday, June 2, 2024

10.00 - painting workshop with Mamikon Khatchikianian - 2nd floor, Mrożek room

11.00 - presentation by Erik Swinson "Light, shadow, and ambience." - first floor, room Szekspir

13.30 - presentation by Magnus Fagerberg "Face painting with a limited color palette"

- first floor, room Szekspir

Monday-Tuesday June 3-4, 2024

A 2-day painting workshop with Erik Swinson - "Light, shadow, and ambience".

Our Lecturers.

Luca Vergerio worked for many years as a graphic designer in advertising and as an illustrator. A lifelong fan of graphic novels, his first professional publication in this field was published in 2017 by Segni d'Autore with the graphic novel "Baracca e il Barone." This was followed by "Assi e leggende della Grande Guerra" (collection of illustrations, 2018), "San Martino 1859" (graphic novel, 2019), "Il Giglio Bianco di Stalingrado" (graphic novel, 2020) and "Il pilota polacco che sfidò la Lutwaffe" (graphic novel, 2021) from the same publisher. In 2023, he published "The Tale of Tal," a science fiction graphic novel in collaboration with paleontologist Gianpaolo Di Silvestro. He combines his work on graphic novels and illustrations with his work as a painter of figurines and collectible models, founding his own company called Ma' Blatta's Miniatures.

Figure and model painter with many years of experience. She has won prizes and awards at national and international competitions and exhibitions, including such as Golden Demon, Hussar, and Moson Show; she currently contributes to competitions and exhibitions as a juror and promoter of figure painting.
Since the early 2000s, she has been active within the Chest of Colors group of figure artists, which she co-founded. Over the years, she has supported industry initiatives and events. In addition to painting, she is involved in the development of the painting community, promotion of the figurative hobby, and educational activities in this field. She likes to draw inspiration from other fields of art and look for non-obvious solutions. In figurines, she pays attention to the atmosphere and stories that can be incorporated into them. Her current fascination is models in larger scales.

Magnus Fagerberg is an accomplished painter and judge at our competition. The hallmark of his painting is a "desaturated" palette. Magnus most often paints historical designs, but the mastery of his style can be applied to any field of figure painting.

Filip Królikowski, I am a physiotherapist and massage therapist. On a daily basis, I work in the hospital and privately with pain patients, post-operative patients and patients with diseases. chronic diseases. In the evenings for several years I have indulged my passion for painting figures, creating dioramas and playing battle games. Standing between both worlds, I see elements from my professional world that cause a great deal of problems in the world of my passion.

Mamikon Khatchikian, Born in the 1990s in the United States, but spent most of his childhood in Krakow, where my passion for figure painting also began. Quite quickly became fascinated with competition painting, after seeing the work of the 2003 Golden Demon winners (in those legendary White Dwarf additions). Jakob Rune Nielsen's Slayer Sword from the UK was the work that stuck in his mind and inspired him to paint ambitiously. He participated in several junior competitions, including YoungBloods at GD in Poland in 2008, but took to more serious painting in 2015-2016. Over the past few years he has managed to win several valuable awards, including the magnificent Mermaids from Contrast 2023 and 9 Golden Demons. The key things he values in figure painting are precision, "cleanliness" and storytelling.