About us

The festival Kontrast was born out of the need to create a regular event that would provide an opportunity for a very large Polish community of figure and gaming painters to meet and effectively promote this beautiful hobby. Thanks to the cooperation with the Ursynów District Office of the Capital City of Warsaw and the involvement of the Ursynów Alternatives Cultural Center, for
3 years we have been creating a platform that allows everyone, regardless of skills, age and experience, to immerse themselves in the world of figure painting and gaming. Our priority is artistic inspiration, hence the attention to the quality of the exhibition of works submitted to the competition, hands-on presentations by renowned figure painters, meetings with well-known artists, painting workshops and the open formula of the festival, where all activities are available to participants free of charge. From edition to edition, we note growing interest in the competition among participants from Poland and abroad. During the first edition 494 works were submitted to the contest, in the second edition 634 works + 64 armies, in the third edition 1286 works and 75 armies. We are pleased with the huge turnout regarding visitors, in 2023 the festival was visited by more than 6 thousand visitors. The works submitted to the figure painting competition "Kontrast", are judged in an open system. The main principle of the competition is the stipulation that the works of participants are judged on the basis of the skills presented and the artistic value of the works submitted, and not in comparison with the works of other participants. This means that each work is judged individually. The jury awards prizes for the work's value, skill, imagination, concept and creative potential. Simply put, participants must convince the judges with their work, not compete with other participants. Thanks to cooperation with local government units, we are opening up with our hobby to the public in general, Kontrast is not a closed, event for professionals, it is a presentation of various forms of our hobby open to the public. In order to prepare the youngest participants for the fetival, we run the Junior Academy, where we train and prepare young painters for their first start in the competition.

Kontrast 2023 edition

Kontrast Edition 2021

Academy Kontrast for juniors